Hats, hats, hats :: all the colour of the Melbourne Cup

Oh yes, there's something about a horse race on the first tuesday in November. 
But there's also something about the most fabulous hats, 
which appear on the first tuesday of November in this city.

Today's Melbourne Cup was as elegant and as glamorous as it has been since 1861,
with such beautiful horses, at their absolute peak, 
and a glorious collection of colourful confections under the general category of "hats"
upon the heads of the happy race-goers.
See which is your favourite...

The winner of the open Fashions on the Field was the outfit on the left here, 
and the Designer's category winner is on the right. 
Both are rather whimsical.

Aren't they all gorgeous?
Colourful, elegant and lots of fun. 
Oh how I love hats!!