Shades of Berry & Plum with an Edwardian Twist :: would you like to live here?

With all the floral flourishes of the Art Nouveau style,
this very charming Edwardian house mixes contemporary elements in a manner which embodies
the spirit of the original architecture,
but which injects it with a punch of energy.
See what you think...

Delightful to see a table actually in the kitchen,
rather than adjacent.
Because there is something incredibly comforting about chatting
around the kitchen table.

So it's floral, but in a darkly moody way,
and it mixes the old and the new together,
whereupon each enhances the other, 
just like Saipua's floral arrangements.

Would you like to live here?

property location :: 4 albany crescent, surrey hills, melbourne
all floral images :: saipua