Breath-taking beauty of Apple Blossom :: in my garden...

 Every spring, the garden at the front of my house erupts 
in an explosion of white flowers : lillies, freesias, paper daisies, convulvulus, indian hawthorn.
But absolutely nothing compares with the spectacular show put on by the crab apples...

The flowers start as a confection of raspberry-toned buds,
then burst like popcorn, absolutely covering the tree. 

This variety of crab apple is Sugar Tyme,
and I have raved about them before on Glamour Drops,
but these young little trees just get better and better each year. 
Bit like life really...

The silver birch walk is underplanted with creamy white gardenias,
which will flower just in time for Christmas. Heaven! 

So spring has well and truly sprung in the front garden.
And every time we turn into the driveway, coming home,
the glorious profusion of new life is a reminder of just how beautiful nature can be. 

all images by blue fruit