A garden, a pool, shafts of sunlight :: would you like to live here?

The angularity of this house, currently for sale at Hawthorn, Melbourne,
 has been mirrored in the angularity of the garden,
yet both have warmth and softness.
I love this stepping stone path through the lawn - it's a little bit fun.
And it plays with the lines of the house.

The swimming pool joins in the game, 
with stepped corners of different heights and materials.

And the interiors play too - with mezzanines, step-down dens and cosy zones. 
I love this theatrical effect of varying floor & ceiling levels in a house. 
Not always practical - but for those who are able bodied, 
it's a very fun way to bring in some drama to the architecture.
It helps to define "zones" without actually having walls,
and in open plan living, that can be a wonderful thing. 

Would you like to live here?

property location :: 3 chesterfield ave malvern melbourne