Lavender Grey, White Marble + Oak Chevron Floors...and is that a cocktail bar I see?...

 With rather more than a gentle nod to the romance of classical detailing,
this young residence by Christopher Day,
tucked into a salubriously leafy street in Toorak, Melbourne,
exploits its full glamour potential to the max with carefully styled furniture & elements by Molecule.

The house itself is very simply neutral,
with dark American Oak chevron parquetry,
classic white walls, French doors in every direction & curtains of rustic linen.
But it's the generosity of the rich blue and lavender fabrics,
combined with oodles of plants, eccentric furniture & dramatic artworks
which takes the glamour up a notch.

Oh, and the inclusion of a built in marble bar.
Not a small one, either.
That's a generosity of spirit...

Why, even doing the laundry would be a glamorous undertaking.
I always tell my own clients that laundries should be wonderful spaces.
After all, we have to spend time there, so it may as well be beautiful.
And a large folding table or bench, like this, is a simple joy.


See how the chevron stripes are repeated 
from the floor to the rug?
Subtle, but it creates a wonderful detail.
And it would be very easy to see where to put it back 
should the rug be rolled up for dancing parties.
Because I rather fancy this house should be used for parties.
Especially cocktail ones.

And with a cocktail bar at the ready,
just imagine how elegant the cocktail parties would be,
with men in lavender shirts...

 and women in lavender gowns...

Would you love to live here?
Or perhaps attend a lavender themed cocktail soirée?

property location :: 8 grong grong court, toorak, melbourne