Fabulous Front Entrances :: a touch of Red...

Utterly, utterly different in era, style & architectural detail,
these two houses show just how fabulous a little touch of red
can be in commanding attention at the front door. 

The top image is a mid century modern house at Palm Springs, California,
with crisp black and white colourings defining the drama;
all the lines of which draw the eye to that incredibly happy red front door.
It's bold and zingy.

The bottom image is a Victorian terrace in South Yarra, Melbourne,
with deep skirtings, corbels, antique furniture and an adage of 
"more is better than less is more".
It's warm and cosy.

The two homes could not be more different,
and yet 
the red door & the red fanlight glass 
achieve exactly the same thing:
they attract the eye, add a punch of drama
and help to clarify exactly where the entrance lies.

Which all adds up to a Fabulous Front Entrance, I reckon.
Would you bravely go for a red front entrance,
or is too much?  

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