A Wistaria-covered White Cottage with Warmth and Style...

Have always loved bagged brick,
(as distinct from the heavier rendered finish),
whereupon the charming outlines of the masonry underneath
can still be discerned.
And this delightful cottage at South Yarra,
freshly on the market for early spring,
is a wonderful example of just how rustically elegant it can be.
Of course, having wistaria clambering on the verandah posts
is always going to make it especially gorgeous,
to my way of thinking,
but this cottage continues the charm on the interior as well.
Come inside and see...

The black kitchen works well here
because there is plenty of natural light.
And the black courtyard wall gently and subtly completes 
the eye's journey around the scene.
A bit like a beginning + an end,
with the paler colours of American Oak floorboards,
white walls and sandstone paving as the "middle" of the story.

It's a simple cottage, unpretentious and quietly elegant,
yet with warmth and character,
renovated to celebrate its provenance,
without slavishly living in the past.

All up, it's rather charming,
and can you imagine just how magical that front verandah 
will be in late spring, when the wistaria erupts in buzzing-bee filled flowers?
(I wonder if it is white or purple - but either would work with this 
colour scheme.)

Would you like to live here?

property location :: 53 murphy st south yarra melbourne