Not So Glamorous :: How Life Spins on A Sixpence...

Extraordinary just how fast life can spin on a sixpence,
or turn on a dime,
depending on your point of origin.

Last Friday, my father underwent complex surgery to remove a tumour,
while co-currently my husband underwent minor surgery.
My father was up and about 24 hours later,
with the surgery a brilliant success.

But my husband developed complications,
and the medical staff are now busily trying to keep him alive.
And I keep thinking of my husband's favourite saying:
"You never know how your day is going to pan out,
so live each day as if it is your best."
(Of course, he has told the children this so frequently, over the years, 
that they simply roll their eyes and say "Yes, Dad".)

But it is a sharp reminder of just how impossibly quickly 
everything in life can change,
and how fragile we can rapidly become,
all on the spin of a sixpence.

So please bear with me while my little blog 
gets a little bit neglected,
& my visits to see your inspiring & thoughtful blogs wane,
just until my husband is safely strong again. 

image :: spinning sixpence necklace