Lines, Texture, Patterning :: Twin Peaks House :: New Work by JCB

In a nod to the surrounding streetscape,
of late Victorian & Edwardian gabled houses
surrounded by verdant greenery,
this new work in Hawthorn (Melbourne) by Jackson Clements Burrows
explores the playful forms of lines in contemporary architecture,
as a means of "settling into" an older setting.

Externally, the timber-clad parapet facade mimics 
a more traditional gable in its outline.
Internally, a timber lining board ceiling,
 aligned with timber floorboards below,
references the smaller scale of traditional building materials.

Here, there are no sweeps of fibreglass or smooth plasterboard.
Instead, there are closely spaced lines, formed from the timber junctions
and the bond-laid exposed black brick with contrast mortar. 

It creates a home of texture, of warmth and of interest.
A contemporary take on an Edwardian home, really.
Which is how this property started out before the renovation & extension.
(Sadly, I couldn't find any images of the original part of the house.) 

Do you like it?