That's it :: they're lost then...

You know that sinking feeling when you have lost something?
"It has to be here somewhere," I muttered, 
frantically searching through my luggage for the umpteenth time.
"It's gone. Move on," cajoled my husband.

"You know, if you hadn't taken so many photographs,
you wouldn't have had to change memory cards,
and it now wouldn't be lost," he pointed out. 
Rather logically.

So there we have it.
I took too many photographs of the beautiful Singapore,
had to change memory cards on the last day,
when we spent a magical morning at the glorious Botanic Gardens,
and have absolutely no idea what happened to the first card
with, ahem, over 1000 images on it.

Oh dear. I lugged the new DSLR around for a week,
trying not to look like a tourist
(which is why I left the camera bag at home,
in an attempt at looking casually surreptitious,
under instructions from the family who roll their eyes quite a lot
at my photographic obsessions.)
So the memory card was simply popped in my handbag: big mistake.
But I guess it was good practice at using the new camera?

These helpful little signposts are dotted around the National Orchid Garden,
which is snuggled in the heart of the Botanic Gardens.
Such an organised place!
The orchids bloom in impossible health, 
relishing the hot, humid climate. 
The human visitors from colder climes, perhaps not so much.
But it was nice to bask in the warmth, 
before returning back to the Melbourne winter. 

Stunning entrance gates, made from wrought iron,
form the elegant entrance to the Botanic Gardens.

They are absolutely perfect for their setting - with twirling tendrils 
of tropical leaves and flowers climbing verdantly,
reflecting the generosity of the garden itself. 

I'm still fretting about the loss of images of the 
brand new, quite astonishing 
Gardens by the Bay, 
our Singapore Sling cocktails + afternoon tea at Raffles,
the glamour of the Goodwood Park Hotel where we stayed,
all the riotous colour kaleidoscope of Little India,
and of course the food, the food, the food!
If there were no other reason to visit Singapore, 
the food would be compelling enough.

"We'll have to use our memories instead," philosophised the tweenager.
And he is perfectly right.

Sometimes, it's the wisdom of a 12 year old which brings 
this should-know-better mum back to earth. 
And boy, oh boy, I have learnt a valuable lesson!!
Next time, I'll just look like a tourist and look after the memory card!!