Pink Lady Anyone?? A Classic Cocktail...

I've been trawling through all the archives of my cocktail recipe books,
and came across the Pink Lady,
which was a rather fetchingly-named drink 
in much demand at those glamorous 1930s cocktail parties,
which we looked at in our series.

It was actually quite delicious,
if somewhat potent.
But the colour was truly fabulous - rather an eye-catching drink 
to serve at the beginning of the evening when you need something
fun to serve guests.

Pink Lady Cocktail

1 measure (25 ml/1 fluid ounce) gin
4 dashes grenadine
1 dash egg white

Pour into a cocktail shaker, shake vigorously to allow the 
egg white to amalgamate. 
Add generous ice to the shaker,
& shake again, then strain into martini glass.

This makes one - so just multiply per number of guests.
We used Bombay Sapphire - but just use your favourite gin
because the flavour really shines through,
despite the colour! 
The eggwhite creates a very smooth texture,
and "holds" the grenadine
in what can only be described as a lustred suspension.
Everybody was alarmed when I put it in,
but all agreed it made for a very s-m-o-o-t-h drink. 

Oh, and dressing in pink is optional. 

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