Would you Like to Live Here? :: Contemporary Style in the City with a Pool

Milking every centimetre of a triangular shaped block can create 
surprisingly good architecture.
Sometimes, the tougher the site, the more interesting the result, I think.
So on this little block, of triangular shape, 
Catt Architects have managed to squeeze a lot of personality 
into a little space.

The house runs to the front boundary in parts,
with a series of setbacks to create a little garden 
and more aesthetic interest from the street. 
The striking folded-seam copper cladding to the centre box structure 
will change in colour over time. 

The cleverness of the design has been captured in the 
wildly popular book "Houses for Small Spaces".
I like the indented plan, 
creating spaces which look cosy,
despite being open plan in nature.

It's the style of architecture which can easily take a multitude 
of different furnishing styles - from antique to contemporary,
minimalist white to eclectic tribal patterns.

 Inner city living, but with its own pool. And all on that tiny block.
Proving that big isn't necessarily better. 

Would you like to live here?

property location :: 11 richardson st albert park melbourne
catt architects :: bachelor pad
agents and images :: rt edgar