Elements of Glamour :: Surprise and Friendship

What sort of a title is that?
How can surprise and friendship be elements of glamour?
Well I have a parcel with French stamps on it to prove my theory...

Regular readers of Glamour Drops 
will know of my penchant 
for gloves. 
New ones, old ones; made for the opera or made for a walk.
I love them all.
And wear them on a regular basis. 

Through the extra wonderful world of blogging,
 Heather, from Lost in Arles, and I have become good friends.
We share similar views, despite living in very different worlds.
She is a travel writer in France. I am a designer in Australia.
We both adore gloves. 

So what should arrive in my post box but a mysterious parcel,
with French stamps all over it. 
What on earth? I wondered as I tore it open.
And inside, were these glorious vintage gloves,
from her own treasured collection,
with a gorgeous note from Heather.

Just in time for the winter chills, the gloves have been on several outings,
out and about in the city for dinner, 
on site visits to my projects 
and while walking in the botanical gardens.

And every time I put them on,
smiling at the thought of Heather sending them, 
I am reminded of what true glamour is: 
"alluring or exciting beauty or charm".
Because to my way of thinking,
 that is also what the surprise of an unexpected friendship is all about.
It's the thrill of finding somebody with whom you just "click",
and the richness of sharing life's beauties and charms.
And, just like being dealt a lucky hand of cards,
it's all in the luck of the draw whether we find these friendships or not.

If you haven't come across Heather's blog before,
do check it out. 
She is an American who sees France from a worldly view,
as only one who has travelled widely perhaps can,
and her beautiful, thoughtful nature shines through 
in every sentence and photograph.