Just something Fabulous :: Velvet, Satin and Hats :: Armani in softest blues

In the softest shades of the blue/lilac/grey/lavender spectrum,
the Armani collection on the runway in Paris this week
really caught my eye. 
Not just because of the very soft, sophisticated colours,
and not just because of the fabrics in velvet and satin. 
Nope. That's not why. Although it is reason enough.
So what was it? The girls were wearing hats. Oh Yep.

A beret-inspired confection of smooth texture,
so deliciously dark.

Utterly, utterly elegant. 
And extremely wearable. 
Will we see a return to hats, do you think,
especially if they are subtle like this?

giorgio armani privé 2012 paris couture week
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