Fabulous Front Entrances :: Letterboxes with Panache

On a delightful walk in the streets around my house,
I happened upon some quite fabulous letterboxes.
Like this one in corten steel, a gabion cage of river stones
+ stainless steel numbers.
Far from the often-boring varieties sold by the millions at hardware stores,
these letterboxes show what can be achieved with a little imagination.
It possibly doesn't look quite as huge in a picture,
but this eucalyptus post measures about 400 x 400 mm and stands about 2500 mm high. That was some tree it came from.
Built from masonry, the bricks have been rendered and painted
in a soft mauve grey which matches the bark of the gum tree seen
just behind it.
It's simple but eye-catching for the postie.
Another solid timber post,
with the letterbox carved into it.
Apart from making life more interesting for the postie,
and being a spot to clearly define the street number for visitors,
an interesting letterbox can provide an architectural link to a house,
with a little preview of what may be in store inside.
It's definitely part of what makes up a
Fabulous Front Entrance.
images :: blue fruit