Glamourising the Kitchen Sink :: can we?

I don't know about you, but doing the dishes is one of those jobs
I am terribly good at procrastinating over.
I mean, it's just so dull. 
And it's no sooner done, than those rotten dishes 
are all back again. 
So let's see if we can inject a little glamour into this, um, 
possibly not glamorous space,
to turn what has to be done,
into something a little more fun.

For starters, I reckon these super-duper helpful fellows 
may be a lot better than a yellow dish sponge.
At least they are a lot more comical. 
And let's face it: when was the last time your yellow sponge gave attitude 
as good as these two?

And when was the last time you looked this happy about clean dishes?
(Umm...maybe we are missing something in our modern lives???
Whatever they put in that dishwashing detergent, 
I want some. If life could be so simple...)

It's possible that if the kitchen sink itself is a beautiful item,
we may be more inclined to want to hang around it a a bit more.
This one is rather fabulous, all in brass.  
Nah, who am I kidding? It needs to also be an automatic sink.
The kind which scuttles around the kitchen, collecting dishes,
washing, drying & putting them all away.
Do you think somebody could invent one of those?

Failing the automatic sink idea,
at least using beautiful utensils & products will inject some glamour.
Which isn't so unachievable. 
When I am designing kitchens for my clients,
I mostly incorporate various pull out drawers under the sink for detergent,
sponges & so on. 
But if you already have a kitchen,
keeping them in a fabulous dish or tray makes a big difference.
Old crystal trays or bowls, apart from looking rather glam,
contain all the drips to one spot. 

Of course, one doesn't want to get too caught up in the superficiality of 
pretty dishes while washing them.
So perhaps using one of these literary minded tea towels,
from UK based Kitchen Sink Dramas
(love the name)
would help to keep the whole process loftily intellectual?
With excerpts from Katherine Mansfield, Oscar Wilde, DH Lawrence & the like, 
I think I may be tempted to just sit down and read the tea towel instead.

To get the children involved in the process
there are fabulous childhood stories on the tea towels as well. 
(My own seem to have an allergy-to-dishes medical condition;
I'm hoping it's contagious.)

So, do you think we can glamorise the kitchen sink, even a little?
After all, it's one of those jobs which simply have to be done, 
so it may as well be a little fun & beautiful.