Capturing the Ocean in Glass :: the work of Sarah Dingwall

Glass is one of the most enchanting materials, I think.
Perhaps it is because it is so fragile, 
or perhaps because it can hold colour + clarity concurrently.
But this artist has managed to do something else with glass again.
She has captured the feel of the ocean + the beach,  
which surrounds her daily life,
in these beautiful pieces of jewellery and objects.

Tiny heads of sea grass have been captured in this molten glass.

Sarah Dingwall lives on the glorious Mornington Peninsula,
and both the landscape + seascape inspire her work.
Quite literally.

A sea-snail inspired globule of sea-tingling aqua blue-green,
in a glass ring.

A little like the concept of the "ship in a bottle',
Sarah's works have that glorious sense of capturing a treasure,
and protecting it with glass walls to celebrate it.

Her photography on her blog has the same sense of delicacy 
as her glass works.
And capturing delicacy is perhaps exactly what glass does best of all.

sarah dingwall :: blog :: etsy