Calcutta marble & tangerine tones by the Botanic Gardens :: would you like to live here?

A house of eclectic charm,
to say the very least,
nestled opposite the Royal Botanic Gardens,
with views of trees and of verdant lushness,
and filled with exotic marbles, high ceilings & generous windows.
Sound appealing?

And there's a pool, of course.

The finishes are definitely straying into the "glamour" list,
with these clear glass mosaic tiles in the bathroom.

But I think it may just be the bar which is my favourite bit.
Imagine the cocktails one could whip up,
with a bar that size?

The house itself is very neutral,
although the current furniture is anything but.
Meaning, the new owner can do pretty much whatever they wish.

And if one ever tired of life inside,
it is but a stroll across the road to the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens... the lilly pond, 
with a picnic basket in hand.

Or one could simply have an indoor picnic, instead.

In a leafy suburb,
next to the river,
a bicycle ride to the city
and lots of boutiques, gallleries & restaurants just outside one's door,
this may well be a rather charming place to live.

Would you love to live here?

property location :: 36 anderson st south yarra melbourne
house images & agents 
painting :: rupert bunny, 1932, the lilly pond, royal botanic gardens melbourne.