Grey marble, white concrete, charcoal + timber : new work by Daniel Marshall Architects

Any house which has a vintage Mercedes SL parked out the front gets my attention. 
Especially a red one.
But let's look a little deeper, to discover what else this bold new work,
by Daniel Marshall Architects,
has which is striking.

This is architecture for people who like their houses to be dramatic and spirited.
No place for prettiness here.

And yet, what could be a cold and austere building is not so,
because of the use of inherently beautiful materials,
like grained timbers, veined marbles & the texture of concrete.

Even the artwork extols the beauty of these materials.

And because of the high ceilings, 
expansive views + clever juxtaposition of dark & white,
shadow & light.

The owners are obviously purists,
and like their architecture bold, to match the dramatic interior design.
And what else would one expect from somebody who drives
a vintage red Mercedes SL?

additional images via design folio nz