Are you in London? Would you mind popping along to the V & A for me?

Ok, here's the deal. 
That most glorious shrine to fashion, art & design,
the Victoria & Albert Museum in London,
has just opened an exhibition called,
"Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950."
Oh my. How brilliant does that sound?

But the thing is, it's in London, obviously, and I'm not.
Well not at the moment, obviously.
Because if I were,
 I would be the person at the exhibition looking wistfully 
at all the beautiful gowns,
while the guards keep asking 
"Are you ok there, miss? You've been here all day." 

So if anybody is actually able to pop along and see it,
and report back on just how truly fabulous it probably is,
I'm figuring that there are a lot of people,
just like me,
who would luff to hear all about it. 

What do you reckon?

ball gowns: british glamour since 1950 

UPDATE :: Marina from Iced Vo-Vo's kindly took up my begging plea, 
and posted about it here on her gorgeous blog.