Beach house with a tennis court & a French Vibe :: would you like to live here?

If playing the occasional game of lawn tennis,
between swims at the beach,
or cocktails on the deck,
sounds pretty rejuvenating, 
then ponder how much fun it would be to own this
beach house at Portsea.
 It's a rather nice part of the world, 
 about an hour or so from Melbourne on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

It was certainly designed with a set square in hand,
with all those rather neat angles. 
Which can be a challenge for furniture placement,
but it also creates a very eccentric atmosphere in a room,
which can be rather fun in a holiday home. 

The current owners obviously have a penchance for the French farmhouse style.

But it's the notion of a tennis court which sounds fabulous to me.

Just looking at it,
even if not actually playing on it,
would make one feel like life was a delicious long holiday.

Would you love to live here?
As your weekend beach house?

property location :: 45 martins lane portsea victoria