Betting with Chocolate Frogs :: a most unusual prize...

18 years ago today,

I was very, very pregnant.
So much so,
being 10 days over my due date,
that my husband
insisted on attending all my client & site meetings.
Just in case he needed to rush me to the hospital at any moment.
And of course, in the middle of a client meeting,
the first pangs of labour began. 
I signalled to him,
he understood.
I wrapped up the meeting,
walked out the door and said "quick, drive fast."

But I was in no hurry to have this baby.
Because, you see, we had made a bet with each other 
as to guessing the correct birth date of our daughter.

And the prize was a dozen Haigh's chocolate frogs,
a very covetable treat,
and truly my favourite chocolate.

My husband guessed May 25, I chose May 26.
And at 11pm,
the midwife declared my husband would be winning the bet.
"What?" said the doctor,
and on explaining the betting system, 
he too thought I would be going shopping.

But my daughter had other ideas.
(Little did I know this was probably because she would later
have a predilection for the finest chocolate herself.)
She decided to slow things down a little.
The medical staff were on edge: who would win the chocolate frog prize?

And at 15 minutes past midnight,
Henrietta decided that it would be her mother
who would prevail,
and she duly arrived in the world.

True to his word, my husband honoured the bet,
and gave me a dozen Haigh's frogs, to be shared with the medical team.
And mentioned it in the birth notice in the newspaper the next day.
Somebody at the boutique chocolate company must have
been reading the paper that day,
for what should then arrive but a box of their finest truffles,
with a hand written note expressing congratulations
and delight at the story.

(Now, if you are not from Australia, 
you will possibly not know just how loved these famous creatures,
first made in 1945, are.
And if you are from Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide and have
never tried these frogs, oh my, you just better do so.)

  This story is part of our family folklore,
and few celebrations are not marked without their delicious treats.

So, tonight, after our family dinner to mark her ascent into adulthood
at the tender age of 18,
and when the clock strikes midnight,
Henrietta shall be presented with a box of Haigh's frogs.
(My husband has been duly dispatched,
in the rain,
to fetch the box as one of their shops is alarmingly close to his office.)

Because this is one story that is too good not to keep hopping on about!

image :: with permission from haigh's chocolates
and, as always, this is not a sponsored post.
i just happen to be a haigh's chocolate addict.
there, i have confessed now.