Gobbledygook :: A Begging Plea to all Bloggers to stop using Word Verification!

As usual,
Lewis Carroll says it best: the silliness of gobbledygook I mean.

Which is exactly what it feels like when I have to decipher
the impossible words,
 as part of the word verification process,
when leaving a comment on lots of Blogger blogs. 

Now I try. I really do.
But when a w looks an vn,
or a T looks like an F,
and then my spell checker corrects it before I can,
well, round we go again.

I struggle on with commenting
because I love to give people feedback. 
I love getting comments, so I assume everybody else does too.

(If spam is driving you nuts,
you can use comment verification instead. Much easier!) 

So please, please, please,
if you have a Blogger blog with this evil thing attached,
I would be over-the-moon happy if you
disabled your word verification.

Does it bother you too, 
or is it just me???

image :: blue fruit 
quote :: alice in wonderland, by the very wise lewis carroll

instructions on how to remove it:
Go to "Settings" on your dashboard, 
then select "Posts and Comments".
 You will see "Show Word Verification" and just select no.