Glamorous Home which is warm and welcoming :: Catherine Kwong's own apartment

Not sure what interior design planet I have been living on lately,
but the work of Catherine Kwong, 
a San Francisco based designer, is new to me.
This is her own home, 
shot by the fabulous photographer Bess Friday.
The mix of rich timbers, white walls, organic textures,
mixed in with a little gold here and there,
 is always going to fall straight into my "glamorous interior" basket.
It's a style which is warm & homely,
very personal,
yet with the essence of the unexpected,
 which is where the glamour comes in.
A dining table, already of a pleasingly simple shape,
has had his legs dipped in gilt.
The simplicity of grey and white,
linen fabrics and unfussy detailing.
Richly-dark navy blue walls with brass lights
bring in the sultry atmosphere,
perfect for cosier rooms or hallways.
Catherine Kwong comes to the world of interior design
not from the usual architectural path,
but with the background of a former career in advertising,
which makes for an interesting mix.
Her design for a "fashion blogger's home",
styled for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase,
shows a love of dramatic colours
and textural contrasts,
mixing concrete with brass,
simple with ornate,
and light with dark. 

Which also seems to be the formula 
for her own home,
carried out with much aplomb.

Do you like it?