Just something glorious :: gowns from J'Aton Couture

Have spent the morning testing out cameras until 
my head is about to explode,
with so many options, gadgets & jigger-madoodles.
Why can't camera shopping be as straight-forward 
as the simple beauty of these gowns from J'Aton Couture?
Intricate, yes. Just like a camera: Layers of things.
But these gowns have an overall elegant simplicity,
belying the complexity within.

A favourite of actresses especially,
who have been known to wear their gowns on red carpet occasions,
J'Aton is very much the traditional couture house,
with bespoke and hand beaded creations
of exquisite cut. 
Exquisitely beautiful gowns, 
and a timely reminder of how powerful the camera can be
in capturing beauty.

And as for my own camera hunt?
Have narrowed it down to Canon EOS,
probably the 550D,
with a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens
(which costs more than the camera itself!)
and a Canon 55-250 mm IS zoom lens,
+ the Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II lens which Dash recommended.
Thank you to everybody for your comments.
It helped no end. 

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