By day & by night :: how a space changes with light...

Scroll between these 2 images to see the incredible difference
that lighting makes to an interior space.
Hard to believe the materials are even the same.

By day, the timber ship-lap walls are charcoal 
and the travertine is pale grey.
But by night, with the glow of lights,
the timber walls have become a dark, rich chestnut,
and the travertine on the bench is now a sultry cinnamon.
 Stepping further back to the facade view of the same kitchen,
lighting by day & night gives a very different ambience 
to the
architecture too.
 By day, the emphasis is on the white rendered box of the "frame",
or the edges of the building.
Come back at night and it has changed.
Now, the interior glows, like a jewel,
while the "frame" of the building recedes.

By playing with light like this,
buildings can come alive in different seasons & 
at different times of the day.
It makes for a dynamic and exciting space.

This is the Tusculum St residence, in Potts Point, Sydney,
and it's a perfect example of the importance of lighting
in creating this changing atmosphere.