A Black + White Cottage with a beautiful garden...

One of the most charming styles of homes,
forever loved, is the classic weatherboard cottage.
And while the decades have produced much debate
as to the merits of a single, central corridor
versus open planning,
it is a floor plan which has definitely come back into favour.
This delightful white weatherboard & cast iron lace home,
built in the 1890s,
illustrates why.
The beauty of these homes is that they are so adaptable
to our current whims of room uses.
What was once a bedroom at the front,
can simply become a study, or a television room, or a library.
Because the rooms have a sense of enclosure,
they are much cosier than an open space.
I am finding that, increasing, my clients are asking for a series of
smaller rooms, rather than one large area.
This home has the best of both worlds, though.
There are cosy rooms at the front,
and an open space living area at the back,
overlooking the beautiful garden.
The garden was designed by Paul Bangay,
and shows his love of hedges, repeat planting and symmetry.
A simple cottage facade at the front,
with a restful swimming pool out the back,
and in between, quietly tucked in, are some lovely spaces
which take advantage of the symmetrical floor plan.
Would you like to live here?
Property location :: 24 denbigh rd armadale melbourne
agents & images :: jellis craig