Glamorous Interior :: What is it? :: Can we define it?


 The Oxford dictionary defines "glamour" as

"alluring or exciting beauty or charm".

Which is a definition I rather like.

Because it isn't just sparkles, or velvet, or high heels.

That can be glamorous, of course.

But a truly glamorous room is something much more.

It is a space which exudes a magic of its own,

acting as a magnet to draw people in to explore, to sit, to enjoy.

To linger.

To allow the eye to simply feast.


 In her own apartment in Paris,

the designer Joséphine Gintzburger

has created rooms which help to explain

some of the elements of glamour

in an interior space.


 And colour, especially the tension created with it, is one of them.

The same colour tension can also be seen in the work of Diney Phillips,

a very talented Melbourne florist.

Pinks, reds, purples, oranges - together on the colour wheel,

but then contrasted with green - the opposite colour on the wheel. Bright, bejewled tones contrasted with deep, dull dusky ones.


 Pretty pink, hot pink, bold red, cool stainless steel, sultry black.

The tension is exciting and dramatic,

balancing dainty & assertive colours and textures.


Now this kitchen would definitely be a magnet at parties!

So wildly colourful, I just want to be there.

Cooking up a storm, or sipping a martini.

There is such a crazy combination of colour & texture happening,

but it works,

because there are just a little less "fun" than "serious" elements.

The pink refrigerator is grounded by the rustic timber box;

the red dishwasher grounded by the simple stainless steel stove.


In the floral arrangement, the wild richness of colours,

almost a saturation of vibrancy,

is grounded by the deep no-nonsense blue on the tin.


Quirkiness, or combining pieces from different eras, styles & provenance,

is also an integral element in a glamorous space.

It is the wit of the unexpected.

There's a very fine line here between contrived and casual elegance,

but again, it is about creating enough tension to stimulate the eye,

without jolting it.


Dark and bright, shadow and light.

Tension resolved, but with its fine balance it creates a dramatic intrigue.


And lastly, the tension created by playing with

masculine & feminine elements,

creates a room which feels balanced.

The over the top frou frou lamp works,

because it is sitting on a very simple, very bold and very black table.

They are a clever pair, these two girls on opposite sides of the planet.

But, through their work,

 they can perfectly illustrate some of the elements of glamour.

Because these images just emanate, in deep breaths,


alluring and exciting beauty and charm.


images :: saint eustache paris apartment by joséphine gintzburger

flowers by diney phillips via her blog