Would you love to live here? :: sweeping stairs & polished plaster

Twirling & cascading through a house of classical style,
this wrought iron fringed staircase
stretches through 3 floors
of a hauntingly beautiful home in Toorak.
Built over 3 years,
lived in for just 6 days,
then left empty for almost 3 years
(while the family relocated to London),
this mansion is on the market.

It has a quiet ambience,
despite its massive size,
with no less than 22 rooms.
But there is something else too.
It has a "slowed down" feel,
as if frozen in time.
Perhaps it is the emptiness of the rooms,
an interesting choice by the realtors,
but one which I rather prefer.
(Compared with bringing in the ubiquitous pieces
which are seen in so many open inspections,
as if decorating by numbers.)
Or perhaps the stillness is created 
by the use of classical lines + proportions,
where the eye always follows straight lines to a point of axis,
and symmetry has been used.
Looking at the ground floor plan,
of reception rooms only,
you can see this symmetry,
where windows align from elevation to elevation,
and the front door aligns with a view back out to the garden.
And the views from the windows on the floors above
have the same botanistic (is that a word? I made it up!) feel.
But it is the staircase,
with its beautiful wrought iron,
which has captured my attention.
The swirling tendrils of black iron are in such contrast 
to the simple polished plaster walls & rigid symmetry,
as if they represent dancers trying to dance untamed.

Would you like to live here?
And what furniture would you place in it,
if you did live here?

Property location :: 3 towers rd toorak melbourne
agents + images :: kay & burton