Not so Glamourous :: a smashed ankle :: can I be like a lady in distress then?

 My plans of frolicking about 
on the deliciously decadent long weekend 
were brought to a halt yesterday,
when my husband inadvertently walked into my 
delicately bent leg as I stepped into the shower.
Oh dear! 
A few hours in the emergency department,
umpteen x-rays and pokings of said ankle,
a pronouncement of 
"complete bed rest for a week 
and definitely no ladder climbing"
(an occupational hazard for an interior designer)
and here I am,
 a lady in distress.
But I figure if I am going to be a lady in distress,
I may as well enjoy the sympathy factor to the max.
So while the family rushes about with
"Is there anything else you need, mother dearest?"
I shall be reclining, 
in somewhat romantic fashion,
(as best as possible)
on the chaise,
and loving every minute of it!

top image :: A Lady Reclining on a Chaise Lounge painting by Domenico Induno, via
bottom image :: the fabulous Harold Lloyd in the film "Girl Shy" 1924 via