Fabulous Front Entrances :: The Drama of Black

You can have some fun with a front door.
It's a place where the drama can get notched up a tad,
to bring an element of the theatrical to such a symbolic part of the home.
And one of the most successful ways to do that,
is simply to paint it black.
In an older home, 
the confidence of black creates a bold contemporary edge.
In this home in Armadale,
the black door, 
against the white painted brick & white cast iron lace,
places all the emphasis on the intricate lead light.
Without making it too fussy.
But black as a front door works equally well in a home 
of more simplistic lines.
This is a house by Mim Design,
where the tones of black & cream in the entry 
immediately tell the visitor this is a home
where simple elegance reigns.

They are both boldly delicious!

images :: armadale house sold recently // rg residence by mim design