Darkly Romantic :: new gowns from Gwendolynne in a Cluedo setting

Languid afternoons in the conservatory,
moonlit trysts in the library.
The shoot for the new collection by Gwendolynne
has a distinctly dark, yet utterly romantic, air.
Was it Miss Scarlet in the parlour?
Or Mrs White in the Conservatory?
Long sweeps of chiffon & satin
fall in feminine drapes.
Books are twirled asunder.
It must have been the three muses in the library, then.
Her signature romantic cuts 
have a rather nostalgic feel. 
Glamour & femme fatale collide!

Romantic gowns with a distinctly dark edge:
classic pieces which celebrate the romance of fantasy.
In a shoot which brings Cluedo to life.
And so utterly beautiful, 
that the gowns are completely timeless.
As is the darkly delicious game of Cluedo.
(Which reminds me, 
about time 
we fished this game out of the cupboard
& had a Games Night,
complete with martinis & conservatory-picnic nibbles...
And guess what the femme fatales might wear???)

images :: gwendolynne