Living in an 1890s villa in Toorak...

 Let's walk through the picket gate
and follow the little brick path,
to explore a very handsome house 
which is on the market in the leafy suburb of Toorak.
Built in the 1890s,
but not needing one of our "rescue me please" packages (!)
this home has already been adapted for use in the current century.
Isn't the leadlight patterning in the skylight glorious?
These types of late Victorian villas 
often had those most fabulous sash windows -
the kind that are more of a door - 
because you can step right through them when open.
I always like to think they were made for secret 
moonlit trysts.
All good kitchens should have a view of tree ferns. 
Why ever not?
And being a Victorian villa, 
a cellar would have been obligatory to keep the 
milk & cream dairy-fresh cool. 
A rather nice use of it now, though, as a wine cellar room.
Some arches are round/ some are square.
I like that. 
Some houses seem like feminine ones,
some more masculine. 
This villa, I think, is definitely a "he".
It's handsome, rather than pretty. 
Extremely handsome. 

Would you like to live here?

Property location: 4 Burnie St Toorak, Melbourne
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