Rescue Me Please: I'm Edwardian with a Turret!

With a verandah frieze of carved timber hearts,

this adorable Queen Anne Edwardian

is just begging to be rescued,

& re-imagined as a home

which celebrates

her beauty.

Shall we do it? Come on then... this is how...

To say she needs work is, ahem, an understatement.

But if we can replace the saddest parts of the timber

& replaster the cracks,

then give her a fresh coat of paint

to bring out the exquisite mouldings,

she will be one very pretty home.

I'm thinking the colours in these flowers,

of blush, palest yellow gold & white,

 could work rather beautifully for our paint colour scheme.

They are the colours which are already in the glorious leadlight.

 It was a time, in the early 20th century,

of dainty women's fashion.

And so it was with the Queen Anne style buildings,

with dainty details, often in timber fretwork,

which softened the buildings' lines.

The bathrooms could be a little like this,

with simple glamour & pale materials.

And perhaps the kitchen could incorporate some meshed steel

cupboard inserts,

as a reference to kitchens of the early 20th century.

An Edwardian style tap,

like this one in another house for sale (in nearby suburb Caulfield)

would fit nicely in our house.

Oh! More glorious leadlight & intricate plaster mouldings.

And love that fireplace.

Not sure about the supply of coal,

but it would still look fabulous

if we filled the grate with scented candles.

Once the timber boards are polished with gleaming wax,

and some rugs are placed in palest blush pink,

with walls painted the softest, palest blue,

this will be a beautifully light, bright room.

Using a majority of pale colours will bring out the daintiness

of our Queen Anne Edwardian.

But we don't want her too pretty,

she needs a bit of drama too.

So bringing in some darker elements will create the theatre.

Staining the timber floorboards to a rich dark walnut,

or adding a quirky dining table with sculptural legs.

Yep, that'll create some drama.

Because nothing sets off the beauty of pale colour

better than adding some dark as a contrast.

 Such beauty, yet such neglect.

She really is waiting to be rescued.

And when she is,

she'll make the perfect spot

for an Edwardian themed Cocktail Party.

Pink Lady, anyone?

Oh! In an update :: The agent just let me know that this little lady

was purchased at auction yesterday by 

a couple who intend to restore it! 


Property: 2 Shoobra Rd Elsternwick // Agents: Gary Peer & Biggin Scott

Other images :: flowers: Honey of a Thousand Flowers // vintage dresses: Met Museum

Collins St: Walking Melbourne

Renovated kitchen & bathroom: house for sale at Caulfield, Melbourne

Makeup instuctions: BHLDN // dining room: by Kara Mann Design