Up where the air is free :: an observatory-house in Capri

Can you imagine sleeping here, 
gazing at the stars above,
through the most sculptural of skylights?
Or waking in the morning,
to this scene of golden sunlight,
basking in the utter gorgeousness 
which is the island of Capri?
Because you could,
if you moved to this rather extraordinary property
just outside of Anacapri.
It comes with - wait for it - its own observatory.

Of course, we'll be needing the right attire to suit such a spot. 
I fancy that the drop-dead glamorous lines of the Laura Biagiatti 
2012 collection may rather work.
May as well keep going in an Italian style, after all.
Well, ok, it's not a house, exactly. 
Well, not yet that is. 
But it is a chance to convert 
the ex- Astronomical Observatory of Capri
into a rather splendid home.
(In fact, the plans - by Massimiliano Fuksas Architects - 
have already been approved.)
And then there are 5 other buildings on this 4 acre property,
like this one. 
Words escape me. 
Does that thing actually turn?
But we'll be needing some swimwear for such a glam pool.
So how about this coral/tangerine little number?
 Or this gold one piece?
The views are somewhat stunning,
looking out over the lighthouse...
and the impossibly blue water surrounding the island.
So what do you think?
Can you picture this as a fabulous home,
or maybe a holiday house?
Up high, where the air is free. 

And would you love to live here?

Property : 5 acre plot near the village of Anacapri, Capri
Agents & images :: Sothebys
Fashion : Laura Biagiotti