How can something so beautiful be so useful? DIY Eucalyptus cleaner.

William Morris famously said
"Have nothing in your houses 
that you do not know to be useful
or believe to be beautiful"
in a lecture in 1880.
And I rather suspect he wasn't talking about the eucalyptus tree.
But he could have been.
Because it is both useful & beautiful.
I use the timber from it a lot in my building designs.
This is spotted gum,
used as a facade cladding on the House with the Stripes.
And I specified it for the curved boardwalk entry path too.
The flowers & gum nuts are superb for arranging,
and the leaves are rather super-de-dooper too.
Just ask koalas about that.
It's the reason they are so smiley & happy with the world.
But I recently discovered the oil from this fabulous plant
makes the absolutely best stainless steel & all purpose cleaner ever.
Here's the fab recipe to make it yourself:
And the scent is amazing!
Now I know why the koalas are so smiley!
But seriously, do try it.
It works better than anything I have ever tried,
bought or home-made.
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