Paris in White :: an apartment celebrating old & new.

And on this Monday morning,
as deadlines bear down & the working week begins,
just a little something to distract,
in this beautiful apartment in Paris.
It's on the market. Just waiting for somebody to love it, own it, celebrate it.

The apartment has the charm of those fabulous
French roses from Delbard.
(Yes, I know I am a bit keen on them.
My own garden is full of them! 
But they grow so ridiculously well 
& have the most divine fragrance.
What more can one ask from a rose?)
Rather love this bathroom with the little mosaic tiles,
in, I think, pale grey and gold.
If somebody lives in Paris,
quick, go to a viewing
and let me know if it is as lovely in real life!!!
 The term "romantic elegance" certainly springs to mind
in this delightful apartment. French doors, cast iron lace-clad balcony & all.
Would you like to live here?
Property: Paris 17th, Parc Monceau
Agents & images : Sothebys
 Roses : Delbard