Fabulous Front Entrances :: Greenery at the Front Door

As Monday is the first day of the week,
I thought it may be fun to introduce a new weekly series
focussing on front entrances,
which also represent a beginning,
or a threshold through which we pass from exterior to interior.
(They also happen to be one 
of my favourite elements 
of the building design process, 
because the front door is such a poignant symbol.)
Starting with the timeless appeal of 
green plantings & white buildings.
Where the emphasis is not so much on the door itself,
but on framing it with a living, changing diorama. 
Romantic, dramatic, classic or modern ~ leafy plants can 
create all of these effects because the focus is on simplicity.
And while I adore colour,
there are some occasions when holding back on it,
and simply letting various tones of just one colour shine though,
(especially when it is a living, changing thing)
can create the most spectacular entrance.
From a little pot of evergreen by the door,
to a pleached avenue of birches,
the greenery exudes a welcoming gesture.

Images: top row: left + right
middle row: left
bottom row: Piet Boon

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