Progress on the House on the Hill project...

 In the midst of so many exciting projects at the moment, 

but thought you may like to see how
the House on the Hill build is progressing. 

 The external materials are absolutely beautiful, 

and will give the home a mellow softness.
One of the owners grew up on a rural property in NSW 
with a traditional homestead,
so the essence of "Australian homestead", 
combined with a coastal character,
has been interpreted into what I term "modern coastal homestead".
(Giving them names, I find, makes my job much easier, 
because it helps to define the direction for the whole feel of the design.)
You can start to see how the V shaped floor plan,
based around a swimming pool & deck,
will create a fantastic sheltered area.
8 recycled ironbark timber posts will be used around the pool
as vertical exclamation marks.

 Love this detail. 
It's a frameless corner - where the glass sliding doors 
will peel back from the corner: no post.
You can see the steel beams required to make it happen.
Expensive detail - but oh so fabulous! 
 The view from the playroom,
framing such gorgeous trees. 
All the windows are a mixture of fixed glass with a bank of louvres,
which are brilliant for allowing in maximum air flow,
to capture the cooling breezes.
 Cobalt blue tiles are being laid with utmost precision.
 Timber being painted with one of my favourite products,
Aquaoil from Quantum Timber Finishes,
in the most luscious Onyx shade.
I use this oil, available in very usable colours,
on lots of projects, 
with great results.
It lets the grain of the timber show through,
while still nourishing & protecting it. 
I call it skin moisturiser for timber.
The tennis court was built first, 
while there was easy access 
to the rear of the property.
And this is the view from the kitchen window.
The bench will sit just below the frame.

So it's coming along nicely,
and every visit reveals something new. 
Such an exciting stage of the build!

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Images: you will see some have a blue sky and some grey. Why?
That's Melbourne's changeable weather! 
Some of these were taken during my morning visit yesterday, 
and some in the afternoon site visit.