Would you care for a little Sparkling, perhaps?

 There's something magically enchanting about the weekend
and its possibilities for sparkling adventures.
While every single day is a chance to celebrate the fabulous, 
it's on the weekend, 
when there is a little more time to linger,
that there always seems to be a little more sparkle around.
Perhaps it's a glass of bubbles on Saturday afternoon,
before the theatre at 8.
Or a Sunday picnic with a vintage wicker basket, 
filled with Champagne, 
smoked salmon & asparagus rolls and rich chocolate tart.
Perhaps it's the chance to dress up with just a little more sparkle than usual.
Or maybe it's the carefree glamour 
of knowing there are two delicious days of relaxing.
Whatever the magic is,
I hope you get sprinkled by the fairy dust of enchantment,
and have a truly sparkly weekend.

images: vintage Taittinger poster, leaf chandelier in David Collins Studio fitout,
sparkle dress by Collette Dinnigan, roses image by blue fruit, 
Champagne Lady, 1957, by Maggie Diaz,
vintage Champagne hamper, beaded sparkle dress
photograph by Henry Clarkesparkle cuffyellow lace dress
Summer Pleasures by Henry Clarke, 1960, staircase in Melbourne, image by blue fruit,
1930s chorus girls, flower lady image by blue fruit (taken at MIFGS),
black sparkle dress, cocktail ring.