Blue & Green should always be seen!

Currently working on 3 interior design projects 
with wallpaper in them,
and while each house is quite astonishingly different,
there is no shortage of styles of this fabulous product.
One of the projects has a blue and green colour scheme,
so I have been hunting for suitable papers.
These stunning wallpapers are by Publisher Textiles,
and are hand made in Australia.
They have an almost Art Nouveau feel to them.
And this glorious paper, Wistaria by Jocelyn Warner,
is a contender too - it is so very luscious.
Sort of a modern twist on the English country style.
(If I use this one, I will bring in green through baskets of lime green 
ferns which would be a fun contrast.)
And all of this got me thinking just how sublimely 
these 2 colours make a balanced combination, 
in clothes & accessories... interiors... vintage clothes...
(these are from the 1950s and are from Mrs Press)...
...or even in floral arrangements.

 Whether pale or bright, 
this combination works.
Pale grass green with navy blue/
emerald green with pale sky blue. 
No matter which tones, 
they are always a lively and refreshing burst of happiness.