One Room: Two Looks...Cobalt Blue Dining Room

Look carefully.
This is the same room - the dining room of stylist Heather Nette King.
You can see what an incredible difference colour makes
to the way the room is perceived.
In the top image, styled recently for a feature,
the walls are crisp white, 
the artwork has a white background
& the little cupboard is snowy white.
Which all draws the eye to the contrast of the
 cobalt blue dining table & chairs:
they become the centre of the eye's direction.
But in the bottom image,
the rich cobalt walls scream for attention.
"Look at me" they say.
The dining setting is noticeable, 
but as a secondary feature.

It's the perfect example of how you can use 
colour to draw attention to the areas you want to feature.
Both versions are beautiful - just different.

Top image: The Design Files
Bottom image: Heather Nette King