Friday Fun :: wit of the unexpected in an entrance

An entrance is a marvelous space to play with a little wit.
Because people generally do not linger there,
the humour has to be quickly obvious.
It can be a dramatic wit,
or just outright fun,
but it is the unexpected which makes it work.

This is the Hôtel du Marc in Reims,
& it's a great example of the dramatic variety of the unexpected.
Rather than illuminating the whole space from above
and installing beamed lighting,
the designer (Bruno Moinard)
chose to highlight the portraits themselves 
by illuminating from within the frame.

The arbitrary assumptions of colour are playfully questioned 
by having a very natural looking lamb 
(well, apart from the extraordinary kind of horns)
coloured green,
in this residential interior.
(And look carefully in the mirror on the right.
Do you see the hand touching the face?)
It's the fun of the unexpected.
Best served uncontrived.
And therein lies the wit.

images: Hôtel du Marc