A Masculine Apartment? I might need one of those...

 "In our next house..." said my husband last night,
pausing for poignancy,
and possibly for loss of words,
as he looked around our bedroom 
at the many hats, handbags & vases of roses,
"there will be a Boy's Room. At least one."

 Perhaps he may prefer if we lived in an apartment like this one,
which is probably about as masculine as one could imagine.
Yep...this looks rather manly.
(But not in a James Bond way. Which would be a good way. I think.)
Brown? Check.
No curtains? Check.
Office chair? Check.
Romance? Forget it!
 Of course, the raw concrete ceiling 
would have to be described as 
a masculine element - I absolutely adore it.
All that fabulous texture.
And the large windows & screen are terrific.
They obviously couldn't resist one vase of flowers.
Just a little bit of softness.

Would you like to live here?

Property: 6/20 Airlie Bank Lane, South Yarra, Melbourne