Is Forbidden Fruit, err Flower, sweeter???

Just pondering.
Yesterday, as I dropped my daughter off to work, 
 I noticed an extraordinary flowering gum in the carpark.
Absolutely overloaded with impossibly perfect pale pink blossom.

And the most divine little gum nuts.
The boughs were so heavy,
laden with this manna from heaven,
that the branches were oh so temptingly close to the ground.
Where I could reach.
So I couldn't resist,
justifying to myself that the tree was growing so low to the ground
that it might be a traffic hazard,
which it was,
I gathered a few cuttings of pale pink & green magnificence.
And never was there a sweeter vase 
of beauty in this hallway than my forbidden flowers. 
So, my question is,
are they sweeter because I feel guilty?
Do you ever snap a few twigs from overhanging plants
on a walk through your neighbourhood?

images: blue fruit