A country house with a twist...by Greg Natale

Delivering signature Greg Natale bold design,
this freshly revitalised country house in the NSW southern highlands
uses a very disciplined palette to create a home
balancing large & small scale details.
Predominantly a base of greys, blacks & whites,
small shots of pure colour have been allowed 
in key areas - to create that glamourous twist of drama.
And there is almost a touch of whimsy,
in details like this intricately patterned kitchen splashback.
Beautiful joinery detailing which invites the eye to linger a while.
It's a very formal house - so it's not for everyone. 
But the careful use of symmetry & proportion creates a space
of quiet & calm. 
And it certainly exudes that glamour for which Greg Natale 
has become known. 
With an almost Deco reference,
the house carries the new design theme throughout every room,
maintaining that sense of drama, with a twist.

Do you like it?

Property: Twomey Country House.
Images: Greg Natale Design