The freshness of a New Year in the Garden...

 With warm sunny days upon us, 
I got up very early this morning to water the garden,
and I took my camera to capture the freshness of a summer morning
in a garden bursting with growth.

Lustrous green leaves of an aralia.
Crabapples forming, which will turn red in autumn.
The crisp fresh white of a simple agapanthus flower.
New apples - always a battle between us 
and the possums as to who will get the spoils...
 Korean Box hedge,
 with the Muehlenbeckia vine growing her 
dainty tendrils over the top.
 Garlic in flower - this will soon burst into a thousand white stars.
Flowering parsley - an absolute no-no in the gardening books,
letting it go to seed,
but I love the flowers of these old fashioned plants,
and can't resist.
Heart's Ease (viola) which self seed in creamy pots each year.
The red seed heads are pigface.
 Rainbow chard (the heirloom variety of silver beet) in flower.
 Tiny heirloom tomatoes - almost ready for lunch. 
The pool beckons on these hot summery days...
this afternoon it will be splashing & tumbling water,
but right now, it is a calm reflection pond in the morning freshness.
 Thyme for adding to roasted potatoes, with a little olive oil & garlic.
 Sorrel going crazy - this is such a fabulous plant because it 
grows throughout the year, 
and can be eaten raw as a salad with cucumber & dill
or lightly cooked in olive oil, with garlic & sliced mushrooms.
 Fresh summer leaves on the Tulip Tree.
And the frogs are happy because there are plenty of water lilly flowers.

It's on gorgeous mornings like these,
when the city is still asleep,
and the sunrise is gently touching the land, 
that I love the garden the most. 
It's the morning promise of a beautiful day to come.