Glamourous Vintage Couture Collection to be Sold...

Can you believe this glorious confection of femininity 
is actually a vintage Callaghan gown from 1973?
It's completely wearable now. 

All these gorgeous items are part of a unique lifetime collection
of high end vintage clothing, 
compiled over her long career by fashion buyer Mary Lipshut.
The collection includes clothes from the 1960s, 70s and 80s.
(Like this blue velvet skirt and jacket from Emilio Pucci.)
Now retired, Mary is selling her collection 
through the online website ML Vintage.
 (Cobra Paris, 1970s bag of perspex.)
(Gianni Versace - wool and silk gown.)
So once the outfits are sold - that's it - no more. 
(Missoni red gown, 1984)
I'm thinking it's the perfect time of year to be needing 
some fancy holiday gowns.
These might just fit the bill. 

All images & clothes: ML Vintage Melbourne
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