Holiday Decorating: Summer by the Beach: My Tree

 And after dreaming up 12 different decorating themes 
for the holidays this year, 
I decided to have a little fun with our own tree.
It's a rather tongue-in-cheek take 
on our heavenly summer Christmas in Australia, 
 with convertible cars, boats, lobsters, 
tableaux of cricketers...and well, you get the picture!

Presents are tied with huge bows of Japanese 
rice paper ribbons in seaweed green,
with lorrikeet feathers & hakea seedpods tucked in.
A couple of figurines are holding a Christmas message,
to set the scene in the hallway...
"Have yourself 
a Glamorously Sparkly little Christmas
& Happy Holidays"
she is saying.
The tree holds classic sports cars
perfect for summery afternoon picnics on the coast...
...and bikini clad swimmers ready to dive into sparkly waters.
There are bright red lobsters & crabs,
pineapples & blue swordfish.
Buckets & spades to make sand castles;
cocktail beach umbrellas & hibiscus flowers to make a pool party.
 The fairy on the top of the tree 
is dressed in summery blues, 
with Tiffany box in hand,
ready for a moonlit Christmas Eve soirée at the Yacht Club.

Perhaps she'll drive there in the vintage sports car.

And return home by speedboat.

 While those cricketers are just enjoying the Boxing Day match.

So I have had a little fun this year, 
with nary a bauble in sight.
The children just shake their heads 
& mutter something about having a crazy mother. 

Well perhaps, but I did catch them smiling...
and isn't that what the holidays should truly be about?...

All images: blue fruit.
And the beach? That's the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, 
which provided the inspiration.
Decorations are all from toy shops & party supply stores.