Christmas Decorating: Day 12: Drums, Sparkles: Magic & Fantasy!

For the grand finale of the 12 Days of Christmas decorating series,
it has to be the one and only Magical Fantasy of the Nutcracker ballet.
So jump on your magic carpet,
and let's fly to the land of sweets to revel in the beauty of imagination,
at its most magical at Christmastime.
Let the drum role begin!
The 12 Drummers are standing by with their shiny drums.
As we glide past on our magic carpet,
there is an avenue of Christmas trees to light the way to the ballet house.
A magical story of no particular sense
{shouldn't all good fantasies be like that?}
the Nutcracker was first performed in 1892.
These are the original set designs for the St Petersburg production.
Of course, we'll be needing to wear
a magical Christmas dress. This one would be nice.
Or perhaps this one.
After the performance finishes,
it's time for Christmas dinner.
And the table is set with little surprises,
hidden in bonbons & tucked into little boxes at each place setting.
Sparklers are lit & candles twinkle.
For this is a Christmas full of magic.
Gingerbread houses, department store windows of utmost imagination,
glittery dresses, sequins & dreams.
It's a fantasy land where anything is possible,
because everything is magic, just for Christmas.
Our Christmas tree fairy is resplendent in gold glitter & black velvet.
While the tree is full of impossible things:
a newspaper elephant, Father Christmas in a hot air balloon,
a mouse king, crazy clocks & of course, lots of sweets.
The gifts under the tree are decorated with magic and sparkles.
There are boxes of sweets & lolly trees.
Jars of magic & little drummer boys.
In this place of imagination,
colour knows no limits.
It's a feast for the eyes and a feast for the spirit.
The Christmas spirit, that is.
And it's a magic which makes us become children all over again,
every year,
sometime in December;
when the magical Christmas fairy waves her wand
and, just for a moment,
we are lost in a world of fantasy and magical imagination.
I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas Decorating series.
You can see all the earlier posts here.
I am off to New Zealand for a few days,
but shall return with lots of new ideas.
images: 1: mask 2: blue fruit gift tag 3: lit trees 4: nutcracker sets + dancers
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11: gift wrapping {1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9} 12: table setting 13: fruit tree